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CITY NAMES          (Click on person's name to view)
Jennie M. Covell
Brattleboro Chas E. Downer
Mrs. E. A. Frink
Charlotte Connor Goodwin
Tracy Hazen
Elbridge Stockwell
Guy Thayer
Hugh O. Thayer (Photograph possibly labeled in error)
Lynn W. Thayer
Derby Center Mame Brackett
Fair Haven
James Griffith
N. Josie Covell
Harry Andrew Tracy
Poultney John & Altha (Alford) Elliot
Rutland George Young
St. Albans
Ruth Wood  (SCAN ONLY)
Springfield Ruel L. Jesmer
Swanton Ada Getchell
White River Junction
Stella Divine Smith, husband, and Lavina (Vina)
Woodstock Connie Grace Washburne