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BIBER, Anna (Married name BUTLER)

BICKFORD, John Helps John Helps Bickford

BIEGERT, Adela (Married name KIERUM) Adela (Biegert) Kierum Adela (Biegert) Kierum Adela (Biegert) Kierum

BIER, family Bier Family

BIERSOLL, Adeline A.

BIESTLE, Harry Harry Biestle

BIGGLE, Clara Clara Biggle

BIGGS, Alice (Married name LOWRY) Alice (Biggs) Lowry

BIGGS , Charley & Jane Charley & Jane Biggs

BIGONY, Abbie (Maiden name IRONS) Abbie (Irons) Bigony

BILLINGS, Mrs. F. C. Mrs. F. C. Billings


BILSTAD, Birgit Birgit Bilstad

BING, Adine Olive Adine Olive Bing


BIRCH, (4 children) Birch Children

BIRDSALL, H. & R. H. & R. Birdsall

BIRGE, Florence Helen (Maiden name BLEDSOE)

BIRGER, Charley

BISHOP, Anita 

BISHOP, Gleason

BISHOP, Tillie

BISHOP, Wayne 

BISKO, Andrew

BITTMAN, Emma (Married name Bodenstein)    (SCAN ONLY)