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NAME(S): Lynn W. Thayer
PHOTOGRAPH: # 3464 & # 3482
PHOTOGRAPHER: Wyatt, Battleboro, Vermont
CARD SIZE: 13.6 cm x 22.7 cm
WHERE PURCHASED: Marion, Illinois
WHEN PURCHASED: June 3, 2016


Probably: Lynn William "Pinny" Thayer

Born: June 9, 1905, Brattleboro, Vermont
Died: December 30, 1992, Florence, Lane County, Oregon
Father: Hervey Dwight Thayer
Mother: Alice Betsy Betterley
Married: Charlotte Elizabeth Dadmum
Children: Walace


This photograph (#3464) is labeled as "Lynn W. Thayer", is the same photograph as #3468 which is labeled as "Hugh O. Thayer".

I have noted a few high school photographs of Lynn Thayer but have not been able to find any of HughThayer. Looking at the
photographs I believe that both this photograph and#3468 are of Lynn W. Thayer and that photograph #3468 is mislabeled. But
since they are brothers and possibly have similar features it is possible I could be wrong. If possible comparisons to existing
photographs should be made for conformation of identity.

This photograph is included in a box of hundreds of paper photographs and old cabinet card photographs, many named, some with
just first names, and many many unnamed. Many of the unnamed photographs are of the same people that are named in other
photographs and many are not. There are just too many of the unnamed photographs for me to scan due to the time it would take.
I bought the box of photographs and was told they all were from the same estate sale and thus all belonged to the same family.
Many of the unlabeled photographs are identifiable from the ones which are labeled. They seem to be divided into two groups, the
Thayer's family and related photo's from Vermont and the Sawyer/Funkhouser families and related photo's from Kansas with a few
photographs not related which were probably friends.

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