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Belleville (poss.. NY) Eureka
N. Falls (Prob. Niagra Falls, NY or Canada) Quincy (Possibly Illinois) Sandy CreekWilliamstown
Enniskillen Mannsville Peoria (Poss. Illinois) R. R. Photo Car Traveling Photographer

Belleville (poss.. New York)

Ed Lewis 

Nell Lewis 


Bella McNeill ?Caism? 


Chr?????n Hans?? (Poss. Christian Hansen) 


Ed Lewis 

Nell Lewis 

N. Falls (Prob. Niagra Falls, New York or Canada)

Rinear VanWagner 

Peoria (Poss. Illinois)

Margaret Shaffer 

Quincy (Possibly Illinois)

Herschel Earhart 

R. R. Photo Car

Pinkie Browne 

Bownie McCay 

Sandy Creek

Ed Lewis 

Nell Lewis 

Traveling Photographer

Maud & Ben Creed 

Mr. & Mrs. McPheeters & daughter Fanny 


Puder & Co.