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Amherst, Nova Scotia Campbellford, Ontario Napanee, Ontario Stl. Thomas, Ontario Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Aylmer, Ontario Cannington, Ontario Niagara Falls, Ontario Toronto Junction,  Toronto, Ontario .
Berlin, Ontario Chatham, Ontario Ontario Vancouver, British Columbia .
Brauntford, Ontario Cookstown, Ontario Port Hope, Ontario Windsor, Ontario .
Brighton, Ontario Hamilton, Ontario St. John, New Brunswick Winnipeg, Manitoba .

Amherst, Nova Scotia

Pelly Jarvis 

Aylmer, Ontario

Mrs. McConnel, son, and friend 

Berlin, Ontario

Irvin Stauffer 

Brauntford, Ontario

C. E. St. Clair Simpson 

Brighton, Ontario

Great Grandma Richmond 

Campbellford, Ontario

Gertie & Wesley Brady 

Cassie (or Carrie) McConnell 

Cannington, Ontario

Thos., Eunice, & Jimmie Valentyne    (SCAN ONLY)

Chatham, Ontario

Grandmother Vail 

Cookstown, Ontario

Wm. Scilley 

Hamilton, Ontario

Mrs. Workman 

Napanee, Ontario

Louisa Sills    (SCAN ONLY)

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Mrs. J. H. McGarry 

Matt Minnis 

J. R. Pekham 

Mrs. Henry Thomas 


Ida Bell Webb 

Port Hope, Ontario

Aunt of Melissa Bartlett Chase 

Uncle of Melissa Bartlett Chase 

St. John, New Brunswick

Jerushia Davis 

Stl. Thomas, Ontario

Grandmother Chute 

Grandfather J. M. Chute 

James York Farr 

Roscoe Stephen Farr 

John Vail 

Toronto Junction,  Toronto, Ontario

Mary E. Bingham 

Vancouver, British Columbia

Walter & Gretta McNaught 

Windsor, Ontario

Ralph & Katie Card     (SCAN ONLY)

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Charlotte McConnell 

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Mrs Gorham 

Calvin Morrell