NAME(S): Lulu Glaser
OTHER INFO: This photo spells it with but 1 "s"
CARD SIZE:10.8 cm x 16.4 cm
WHERE PURCHASED: Scottsdale, Arizona
WHEN PURCHESED: August 29, 2015

Probably: Lulu Glaser

Sepia toned cabinet photo from the Newsboy Tobacco series.

This is card # 824 from the N-566 series that was issued circa 1890's by The National Tobacco Works
which was located on Broadway in New York City, N. Y.


Biography from Wikipedia

          Lulu Glaser (June 2, 1874 - September 5, 1958) was a popular American actress and vocalist. She appeared on Broadway and later
Vaudeville. Glaser's first appearance on the stage was at the Broadway Theatre in New York on December 30, 1891 in the play The Lion
Tamer. She appeared in two more plays and on October 3, 1893 appeared as Javotte in a revival of Erminie starring Francis Wilson.
Glaser appeared in only two motion pictures, both silent films. Love's Pilgrimage to America (1916) and How Molly Made Good (1915).
The latter still survives and is available on DVD. Glaser appears as herself, in a cameo along with other celebrities of the time. She was
married twice. Both marriages ended in divorce. She married actor Ralph C. Herz in 1907, but they divorced in 1912. Herz died in 1921.
Her later marriage to Thomas D. Richards also ended in divorce. Lulu Glaser is often erroneously said to have been one of the many wives
of De Wolf Hopper, but this is not true. Hopper's fifth and last wife was named 'Lillian Glaser' and is not related to Lulu Glaser. Lulu, a singer
like De Wolf, may have appeared with him on the stage at some point in their long careers. Glaser died at Weston, Connecticut September 5, 1958.