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NAME(S): Elizabeth Dickinson Deane
OTHER INFO: Age 14 yr
PHOTOGRAPHER: Barnard, Wallace, Idaho
CARD SIZE: 17 cm x 27 cm
WHERE PURCHASED: Palmetto, Florida
WHEN PURCHESED: February 18, 2017

NOTE: In the 1900 census her mother is married to Frederic Dean (Frederick Thomas Deane)
           and record indicates they had been married only 5 years. Apparently Elizabeth may
           have been adopted by her step-father and thus taking the surname of Dean/Deane.
           Do not know if her real father had died or if parents were divorced, can find no record.

          Marriage License application for marriage to Bert Williams states it is her 4th
          marriage. Can find no record of third marriage.

          On license application for 4th marriage lists her name as Elizabeth D. Guptill.


Probably: Elizabeth Dickinson Brown (Deane)

Born: December 16, 1892, Wardner, Shoshone County, Idaho
Father: James Brown
Mother: Claribel Rebecca Dickinson
Married 1st: William Parker Guptill, April 7, 1911, Clarke County, Washington (Died  Jan 20, 1917)
Children: Edward Hamilton, Milton Dickinson, & Willard P
Married 2nd: Leonard Van Diggelen
Married 3rd:
Married 4th: Bert E. Williams, (Clark County, Washington License issued Date: January 7, 1949)


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