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NAME(S): Alex Bonorden
OTHER INFO: General Merchandise (Store?) belonging to Frank Appelt Sr.
                         in Hallettsville, Texas. Alex Bonorden clerked
in this
                         store circa 1896 and is the second man behind the counter
                         on left hand side of picture.

                         (Photo enlarged center above)
CARD SIZE: 25.25 cm x 20.25 cm
WHERE PURCHASED: Beeville, Texas
WHEN PURCHESED: October 28, 2003


Identified: Alex Bonorden

Alex Flachmann was one of three children born to Bertha and Henry Flachmann. Marie Theresa was the oldest, Alex born in 1871 in Herford, Germany was the middle child, then a younger sister. Bertha and Henry were married in Herford Germany and came to the America in 1876 and settled in Hallettsville, Texas. In Feb of 1877 Henry filed for a divorce from Bertha claiming she committed adultery with another man. Bertha married Albert Bonorden shortly after her divorce. Albert Bonorden and Bertha had six of their own children and Albert in his will claims the three Flachmann children as adopted children. So the three Flachmann children took the Bonorden name. Thus Alex Bonorden. Alex later settled in Sinton in early 1900's and owned a Dr. Pepper bottling company for many years. Alex's younger sister married a Miller. Alex's wife was a Rother. Alex had 3 children but only one had children. One child, his daughter married a Preston.


Thomas E. Bonorden